Anime Con Argentina, From August 16 to 18

The Anime Con Argentina event coming up this year looks like it will be fun for people who like anime, manga, and costume. There, we can find events, shows, and of course, our favorite costume challenges. There are also celebrities, artists in the field, and a lot more. Stop by the Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the middle of August if you are from the southern hemisphere of America or if you are just going through, maybe moving through the Southern Cone countries. You will have one of the best times of your life there. What do you say?

The Anime-Con event in Argentina is pretty new to this area; it had only two previous events there before this year. However, even though it only began in 2022, it has quickly changed the media and become one of those must-see mega-events if you can. The event this year will take place at the Centro Costa Salguero in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a large space on the coast of the Río de la Plata, close to other famous places in Palermo, like the Japanese Garden, the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, the Embassy of the United States, and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

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Attractions and Things to Do

Among the different things to do and see, we can find the following:

  • Exhibitions and Stands: There will be hundreds of stands at the event, with some of the biggest names in the anime and manga industries there.
  • Food: People who come will be able to eat real Japanese food.
  • Mega cosplay contests with big prizes are called cosplay contests.
  • Live Shows: Talks and live performances about Japanese culture.

Talks and Guests

We can also enjoy the appearance of different media stars and groups that talk about culture and Japanese pop culture:

  • Even though the plan for this year isn’t set in stone yet, we can expect musicians and media-related talks, just like at previous events.
  • One Piece Picture Chance: Thanks to Netflix, attendees can pose with the Going Merry and other One Piece characters, making them feel like they are part of Luffy’s gang.
Anime Con

Anime Con Argentina in History

In the past, Anime-Con Argentina has been a major stage for a number of important statements and the presence of special guests. This has helped the event become known as one of the best anime festivals in the country.

Featured Guests and Activities

In the past, Anime-Con Argentina has had artists and workers from around the world, such as:

  • A lot of people know Yuji Shiozaki from his work on books like Ikki Tousen and Godeath. He has been a regular speaker and has done talks and live drawing events.
  • A well-known Mexican voice actor named Paty Acevedo has been in several versions. Her voice work for popular characters like Serena in Sailor Moon and Lisa Simpson in The Simpsons made her famous. She has held talks about her work and signed autographs at the event.
  • Also, Japanese bands like I Don’t Like Mondays and Burnout Syndromes have performed at the event. These bands are known for contributing music to famous anime shows like One Piece and Haikyuu.

Announcements and Revelations

Anime-Con Argentina is where a lot of important anime and manga industry news is announced every year, from new releases to artists and companies’ plans for future projects. The specifics of the news change every year, but the gathering has always managed to get people excited and looking forward to it.

Cosplay Contests and Exhibitions

There have been cosplay events at the gathering, where people show off their creative and amazing outfits based on a wide range of anime and manga characters. These events not only have lots of people entering, but they also have big prizes, which shows how important cosplay is in anime society.

Info & Images Source: Anime-Con Argentina Official SiteTwitter

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