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A comprehensive reply to Quiet on Set: the Dark Side of Kids TV has been released by Dan Schneider. On March 18, the four-part Investigation Discovery docuseries came to an end. It covered alarming claims related to Schneider’s tenure at Nickelodeon. In a prior statement, a Schneider representative told The Hollywood Reporter that all events on his shows “were carefully scrutinized by dozens of involved adults, and approved by the network,” adding that friends, parents, and caretakers were also always present on set. Schneider released a more contrite reply video on his YouTube page on Tuesday.

“The last few nights of watching was really difficult,” he remarked. “Me confronting my past actions, some of which I regret and find shameful… and I really should apologize profusely to a few folks. He stated in another part of the film that any parts of his programs that come off as “inappropriate” or are “upsetting somebody” ought to be removed, but he also hinted that at the time, no one had voiced any objections to him. Noting that he did not hire Brian Peck, Schneider also started crying as he recalled Peck’s trial for sexually assaulting Drake Bell when the latter was a youngster.

Schneider and former iCarly actress BooG!e are featured in a 19-minute video that is formatted as a Q&A conversation. The Hollywood Reporter was informed by a Schneider representative that BooG!e wasn’t “trying to be” a journalist and that the purpose of the outreach was to “provide a platform for Dan to confront a lot of his previous behaviors.” Here is a list of all the topics Schneider covered in the video, ranging from the things he apologized for to the things he denied.

Dan Schneider: The on-set massages

Employees said in the documentary series that Schneider requested massages while at work. Schneider said that what he had done “was wrong.” He declared that he is “embarrassed” that he did it and that he would “never” do it now. “I’m sorry to everyone I ever put in that predicament. In addition, I apologize to everyone who was out and about in Video Village or anywhere else they were,” he stated. “Because many of the people in attendance who saw it might have also felt uneasy.” I thus also owe them an apology.

The writers’ room

A Little Silence on the Set Interviewees reported horrific and embarrassing experiences in the writers’ room; one claimed she was instructed to pitch an idea on the writers’ room table while feigning sexual assault. Schneider said that indecent jokes and subjects frequently surface in comedic writers’ rooms. However, it embarrassed me that I took part in it, particularly because I was in charge of the room. I ought not to have done that,” he murmured. He said that because he was a “young” and “inexperienced” producer, he “made practical jokes that went too far.” “I’m sorry for what happened, but I wish it hadn’t happened today,” he said in closing.

More broadly, Schneider claimed that occasionally staff members failed to see his “best” side because he was becoming overwhelmed by the demands of filming several episodes annually. He said that he occasionally snapped at people or was “snarky,” adding that there were “so many times” after watching Quiet on Set that he wanted to call someone to apologize and tell them he wished he could have provided them with a “better experience.”

Inappropriate jokes in episodes

Schneider’s programs have come under fire for allegedly linking juvenile behavior to indecent activities and using sexual innuendos. Schneider maintained that jokes were all intended for younger readers. But he’s okay with them being taken down if other people think they belong on a children’s show: “It’s time to remove those jokes from the show,” he declared. “The last thing I wanna ever do is put any content in a show that’s gonna upset my audience and make them want to turn off the TV,” he said, explaining that he wanted his shows to be well-liked. How come I would ever want to do that?

Schneider hinted that he would have acted at the time if he had received that type of input from adults, family members, or senior executives on site. Had someone said anything along the lines of, “Hey, we don’t like that,” That should not have been there; it should have been removed, he said.

The ‘On Air Dare’ segment Quiet on Set

Some, but not all, of the dares, according to Schneider, “pushed the envelope too far.” He claimed he was unaware that some children “did have problems” with the part until he saw Quiet on Set. He apologized profusely and stated, “It breaks my heart.” Schneider asserted that if he had known a child was afraid at the time, he would have reversed a dare “on the spot.”


Two female writers named Christy Stratton and Jenny Kilgen recount in Quiet on Set that Schneider hired them on the understanding that they would split the compensation. Kilgen also said that Schneider had extended an offer to her, one that would have her working 11 weeks without receiving anything.

Schneider denied ever having any say over a writer’s compensation. In addition, he mentioned that he has worked on a show where a male and female writer divided the compensation, calling it a “common practice” in the TV industry.

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Treatment of Black actors

Racist accusations were mentioned in Quiet on Set. BooG!e pointed out that the docuseries’ Black stars talked about feeling underappreciated and introduced the subject by bringing up diversity. Schneider mentioned that he has always appreciated diversity and mentioned that the Black lead actors in his programs and Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell appeared in his first Nickelodeon film. “I’m rather pleased with it. I think it’s really significant,” he remarked.

Relationship with Amanda Bynes

Schneider claimed that Bynes saw him as a member of her team, alongside her manager, lawyer, and agent, and that’s why she turned to him when she wanted to be freed from her parents. “We were behind her,” he declared. “Her attempt to become an emancipated person ultimately failed.” (Her parents continued to be her legal guardians and, from 2013 to 2022, served as her conservators.)

Additionally, Schneider remembered a night when Bynes escaped from his house. Schneider said that around one or two in the morning, she phoned him “in distress,” and he called someone who could come get her out of fear for her safety. He said that she was ultimately brought to the police. Schneider was described by BooG!e as “being there for people when they need you.”

Alleged ban from set

Schneider dismissed the claim as “false” and denied ever having been barred off his own set. He described it as a “tense” scenario with “adult actresses” who were tired of performing in the program. Schneider claimed that, given his typical degree of involvement, others might have misconstrued his decision to not attend the set.

Convicted child sex abuser Brian Peck

The documentary Schneider stated that he did not choose to recruit Brian Peck, and BooG!e implied that Tollin/Robbins Productions would have made that choice. Schneider said that he was “more devastated by that than anything that ever happened to me in my career thus far” when Drake Bell revealed his claims of sexual assault against Peck. In the documentary series, Bell mentioned Schneider’s support for him.

Schneider called it “baffling” since people who “knew that [Peck] was guilty” appeared in court with Peck and even submitted character letters for him. Schneider started crying as he recalled how Bell’s mother had approached him for assistance with her speech to the judge. He said, “It was probably the lowest point in my career.” Schneider said, “After he was released from prison and was, to my knowledge, a registered sex offender.” “He got a job on a Disney Channel program. That’s beyond my understanding.

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