"Darwin Jihen"

An anime adaptation of Shun Umezawa’s manga, “Darwin Jihen” (also known as “The Darwin Incident”), was revealed in a press release. A highly eye-catching promotional image has been supplied, as is common with announcements of this kind, but no juicy production information or possible release date have been revealed, so we’ll just have to wait.

Darwin Jihen

Author Shun Umezawa celebrated the news by posting a unique illustration on social media along with the statement, “As the original author, I can assure you that both the production and the voice actors are 100% serious. I think it will be a great anime.”

When issue number 7 of Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine releases in Japan on May 24, this announcement will be made “public” through the manga. We clarify this point because many dedicated manga readers only find out about new releases through such magazines, and not through portals like this one, so for them, the news will become official in a couple of days unless they find out sooner by other means.

Darwin Jihen

In June 2020, Shun Umezawa started publishing the manga in Kodansha’s Monthly Afternoon magazine, where it is being published. The manga creator has previously produced works such as “Ippiki to Kyuujuukyuuhiki to,” “Panty Stocking no Youna Sora no Shita,” and “Pinkie wa Nido Bell wo Narasu.”

“Darwin Jihen” Outline

“Darwin Jihen,” which is often referred to as the “Darwin Incident” in English, tells the gripping tale of an eco-terrorist group called the Animal Liberation Alliance (ALA) saving a pregnant chimpanzee from an animal experimental lab. Charlie is the offspring of this chimpanzee, a hybrid being that is half chimpanzee and half human. Fifteen years after the incident, the story revolves around Charlie, who was raised by adoptive human parents and is about to cross species barriers by enrolling in a regular high school.

Darwin incident

In addition to providing an action-packed plot and moral quandaries, “Darwin Jihen” becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of coexistence and integration between different species, underscoring the consequences of human intervention in natural evolution. The story also raises important questions about animal rights, the ethics of genetic experimentation, and the search for identity and acceptance in a world where the lines between human and animal are blurred.

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