The Google Doodle of today is a gourmet’s paradise. The Doodle honors one of my all-time favorite morning dishes, the delicious chilaquiles, which, coincidentally, I made twice this week for myself.

Google claims that guest artist Chava Oropesa, who is based in Oakland, made the Doodle.

Though you can add as much flair as you desire, chilaquile is a straightforward recipe. To make it simple, all you need is some cheese, enchilada sauce, fried tortilla strips or chips, and one or two fried eggs. Dredge the chips in cheese and enchilada sauce, reheat, place eggs on top, and consume. Simple, fast, and really tasty!

The kind of chilaquiles you’ll find in Mexico varies by area, much like every other Mexican cuisine.


Add as much avocado, guacamole, salsa, cotija cheese, melted queso, jalapenos, or whatever else your stomach (or heart) desires—even slow-cooked chicken or pork—to your dish. Perhaps using corn muffins instead of biscuits, you could even venture far beyond the box and create a hybrid dish of green chile gravy and biscuits called chilaquiles.

My point is, if you’ve never tried chilaquiles, this is a fantastic chance to make the universe right. Red or green enchilada sauce is your choice. I think it tastes great straight out of the can, but you could make it from scratch if you wanted to get really fancy. Don’t overcook the eggs, though! The yolk should be creamy and runny. Making your own tortillas and using some for dinnertime tacos, then frying the remaining ones for breakfast the next day, is another smart idea.

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