It was confirmed that the much awaited “Mashle: Magic and Muscles –A Study in Cream–” sequel will really be released, according to a statement made on the official Aniplex YouTube account. The official title of this new franchise entry was shown in capital letters along with a promotional clip using sequences from the current season that are pertinent to the announcement. Enjoy the video that’s below:

The news, especially as of this morning, May 26, is really recent. A new teaser for the “Mashle: Magic and Muscles” sequel was released and confirmed in an update posted on the official Aniplex YouTube channel. Following the previous arc, which examined the holy visions, we are now in “A Study in Cream,” or the “shu-cream,” which are the distinctive buns of our Mash. This teaser shows the protagonist and his allies at pivotal moments before cutting to the present and the struggle to vanquish Innocent Zero.


Since A-1 Pictures is the animation studio and Tomoyo Tanaka, who helmed the critically acclaimed series “Engage Kiss,” is the series’ technically director, we may anticipate exceptional work, as is customary for this renowned company. Though we still await more specific details in upcoming press releases, it is undeniable that with this shocking revelation, excitement for the next events has skyrocketed.

The previous season of “Mashle,” which featured tests for heavenly visionaries, created quite a sensation and ended up being the greatest of the show. It also gave us the opening song, “Bling bang bang born,” by Creepy Nuts. All we can hope for is that the animation, adaption, and musical elements of this season please us to the same level as the last. The adventures carry on with their typical sense of humor, at least as shown in the massively popular manga by Hajime Komoto, which reminds us of the works of ONE (the author of Mob Psycho and One Punch Man). The community has completely recovered expectations that the manga’s whole tale would be turned into its anime form, as it has always done, with this latest news.

You remember what “Mashle” is about, right?

In a world where magical might is important, Mash Burnedead, a kid who was born without magic, is the protagonist of “Mashle.” Since his very existence is seen as heresy, his father, who adores him, has kept him concealed from society. Mash has been physically trained by his father all of his life, to the point that he can now shatter mountains with just his physical power. Mash wanders off at a careless moment and is found by enchanted security guards, which abruptly tests the calm and contentment he had been experiencing up until then.

mashle magic and muscles

In order to maintain his family’s peace, he now wants to attend the esteemed magic school Easton and train to be a skilled sorcerer without the use of magic. He must show that it is still possible to be a capable person without the use of magic. Mash encounters several challenges on his travels, makes endearing companions along the way, and learns more about the reality of this world of aristocracy.

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