Season 2 of Wind Breaker Confirmed for 2025!

Hey, Wind Breaker fans! Hear me out, ’cause I got some EPIC news! We all waited, and that wait is finally over—Wind Breaker is getting a SEASON 2! In other words, get ready to see Haruka and the Bofurin crew back in action, as they will again set the streets of Chiba ablaze in 2025!

Just dropped by the official Wind Breaker team—this bomb’s getting fans freaking out everywhere. Season 1 has left us wanting more: more crazy bike races, great friendships, and more of Haruka’s inspiring journey. Season 2 promises to bring ALL that and more!

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Crunchyroll, the haven of anime streaming, will once more be our home for all things Wind Breaker. After that, it will be time to mark the calendars once again, put up those reminders, and get ready to cheer Bofurin on as they destroy—erm—dominate left, right, and even steal a few hearts if need be, in the process.

We don’t have a release date or episode count yet, but we’re all stoked knowing that season 2 is happening. After that ending to Season 1, we sure do have some good stuff brewing. New characters are being brought in, and the Internet’s abuzz with the different rivalries and unlikely friendships that could be made.

Before too long, some familiar faces will undoubtedly return to challenge our underdog crew for the second or third time: serious Aoi Shinkan, fiery Yuki Fuumi, and many more. Of course, Haruka’s rivalry with the talented, a little full-of-himself Mina Minami is sure to heat up, as these two are bound to make him push himself really hard and strive to be much better cyclists.


It won’t be all about the races in season 2, though. We may also further develop Bofurin’s teamwork. After all, these guys were delinquents BEFORE becoming a real cycling team—and it doesn’t come easy! They could grow closer both on and off the road, supporting and pushing each other to be the best in the second season.


There are also chances for him in the world of competitive cycling in Japan. Secondly, the addition of school rivalries, pressure on young athletes, and the dedication needed to succeed in this kind of sport could make up Season 2. That would be an excellent foil against which Haruka would grow, showing how devoted and potentially highly placed he actually is.

Now, if any of you just can’t wait until 2025, well, there are ways to keep the hype up. You can either rewatch the awesomeness of Season 1 or jump into the original manga by Satoru Nii, which gives the characters even more depth and shows their motivations better. Also, it goes deeper into the technical aspects of cycling, making it possible to understand the sport at an absolutely different level.

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There you go! Wind Breaker Season 2 premiered! Steady yourselves for another influx of the next chapter in this always-thrilling Saga of Bofurin. Dust off those metaphorical helmets, crank up those metaphorical pedals, and let rip with this next wave of Wind Breaker awesomeness that’ll knock those socks right off!

FAQs: Wind Breaker Season 2

Who is the strongest Wind Breaker?

Here are the strongest characters from the manga series.

  • 8: Shuhei Suzuri.
  • 7: Tasuku Tsubakino.
  • 6: Suo Hayato.
  • 5: Haruka Sakura.
  • 4: Yamato Endo.
  • 3: Choji Tomiyama.
  • 2: Hajime Umemiya.
  • 1: Chika Takiishi.

What is the relationship between Kotoha and Umemiya?

Umemiya and Kotoha grew up together at Furinen Orphanage. Umemiya often dotes on Kotoha, and describes her as his little sister. While Kotoha expresses her annoyance at this and denies the designation of “little sister,” the two still maintain a close relationship.

What happens in a wind breaker?

After meeting some powerful classmates and astounding upperclassmen, Sakura gets elected class captain, blossoming some changes in himself. Meanwhile, a dark shadow looms over one of Sakura’s classmates. To save his friends from the infamous team, KEEL, Sakura and his class jump into action!


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