Sophia Bush Cover-Story

A few individuals write lengthy updates about their lives on Facebook. In a self-penned cover story, Sophia Bush revealed hers. The actress, activist, and podcast presenter confirmed a long-rumored connection with soccer champion Ashlyn Harris by coming out as LGBT in a Glamour column that was published on April 25. She says, “I kind of hate the notion of having to come out in 2024.” “However, I’m acutely aware that we’re having this discussion during the year that the LGBTQIA+ community is facing the most violent attacks in modern history.” Bush adds, “I’ve always known that my sexuality exists on a spectrum,” and claims that the term “queer” best describes her sexual orientation at this time. She gives a history of her relationship with Harris, stating that after meeting in 2019, the two became closer while spending the previous summer in Los Angeles with a support group of friends who had just split up. Bush says that the accusations surrounding their relationship were “blatant lies,” refuting the claims that they were home wreckers. In 2023, both parties completed their divorces.


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Bush claims in another passage of the article that her marriage to Grant Hughes broke down concurrently with her health issues. She was dejected at home and battled with infertility, enduring “endless ultrasounds, hormone shots… retrieval after retrieval.” Bush traveled to London for a play in order to escape the stress of an unhappy marriage. After the curtain closed, she became ill and “spent multiple nights in the hospital.” Harris became a member of her new support network once she returned to Los Angeles. She says, “I am taking deep breaths again. This might sound crazy, but I think other people in trauma recovery will get it.” “My feet and legs are feeling well. Right now, I can feel my feet in my shoes. It simultaneously makes me want to laugh and weep.

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