Ascend the Tower Once More: Tower of God Announces Return Date 2024!

Calling all Regulars! The wait is finally over. The popular manhwa turned anime, Tower of God, has officially set a return date for its much-anticipated second season. Buckle up for more thrilling climbs up the mysterious tower as the story of Bam and his companions continues.


Unfortunately, specific details about the return date are scarce at this time. The announcement itself is cause for celebration for fans who have been eagerly awaiting news since season one concluded.

A Quick Recap

For those unfamiliar with the series, Tower of God follows the story of Bam, a young boy who awakens in a mysterious place known as the “Tower.” Driven by a desire to reunite with his only friend, Rachel, who climbed the Tower before him, Bam embarks on a perilous journey. He encounters a cast of unique characters along the way, each with their own goals and motivations.

The series is known for its captivating blend of action, suspense, and world-building. Tower of God throws viewers into a complex and intriguing universe with its own set of rules and mysteries to unravel.

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What to Expect in Season Two

tower of god

While details are limited, season two is expected to pick up where season one left off. Bam and his allies will likely face even greater challenges as they ascend the Tower. With the secrets of the Tower slowly being revealed, expect more intense battles, character development, and shocking plot twists.

Stay Tuned for Further Updates

While we don’t have the exact date yet, the announcement of a season two is fantastic news for Tower of God fans. Keep an eye out on official channels for further updates regarding the release date and any trailers that may be released.

In the meantime, why not revisit season one or delve into the original manhwa to refresh your memory and prepare for the climb back up the Tower!


FAQs: Tower Of God Return Date

Is Tower of God Season 2 coming out?

One of the anticipated anime, Tower of God Season 2 will be released on July 7.

Will Bam be in Tower of God Season 2?

Yes, Taichi Ichikawa will be returning as the voice of last season’s protagonist Bam, as well as the mysterious Jyu Viole Grace.

Who is the MC in Tower of God Season 2?

Tower of God: Part 2 – The Return of the Prince is the second part of the Tower of God series. It features both Ja Wangnan and Jyu Viole Grace as its main protagonists.

Why is Baam the 25th?

He is named after his birthdate, the “twenty-fifth night”. Later, the Guardian of the First Floor, Headon, abbreviates his name to Baam, joking; “It has become a tasty name!” In Korean, the word ‘baam’ has two meanings: one is ‘night’ and the other ‘chestnut’.

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